• About Carestream Health, Inc. Introduction – Rui Ke Medical – Medical Devices Industry

    Carestream Health, Inc. Founded in 2007, is located in Toronto, Canada onex acquisition of Eastman Kodak Company Health Group formed CarestreamHealth, Inc. From one set up soon to become the world’s largest medical imaging and information technology ( IT) company. The company has more than 8,100 employees and more than 150 countries around the world tens of thousands of customers to provide quality medical products. The company has more than 1,000 patents, 90% of products in the global functioning of medical institutions. In medical information management solutions (Kodak CARESTREAMSolutions), digital access solutions (Kodak Digital Capture Solution), digital output solutions (Kodak Output Solution), and digital mammography imaging solutions, dental and molecular imaging systems, various numbers and Traditional X-ray film products, including a number of areas, CarestreamHealth, Inc. With a wealth of integrated solutions and professional services and comprehensive health care system has become the market leader in digital imaging. 1,150 engineers worldwide and 250 customer support representatives to carry out timely maintenance of equipment and rapid response.

    Rayco company in China in May 1, 2007 formally to operate independently. In China, established Rayco (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Rayco (Xiamen) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.. Rayco company in China is CarestreamHealth, Inc. Subsidiary in China, the company’s medical, dental, molecular imaging systems and non-destructive testing products in the field by providing innovative, reliable and high quality products, systems and integrated traditional and digital solutions and services.

    Rayco China headquarters in Shanghai, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, including in China, has set up 24 offices, a research and development center, a technology innovation center, two factories, one factory mainly used Shanghai in equipment, Xiamen factory is mainly used for film production, has a total of more than 20 professional and technical personnel, 877 employees.

    Rayco company formerly known as China Medical Group, Eastman Kodak Company in Greater China, it is adhering to the Kodak proud history of innovation in the field of medical imaging has accumulated many years of experience. Rayco company in China adhering to the company’s focus on innovation, customer focus and create industry-leading products and services to corporate culture, through to customers in China to provide more humane, more innovative overall number of solutions to significantly improve health care quality, lower costs for the future of health care has brought new prospects!

    Main results: ? 90% of the hospitals worldwide use of Carestream Health’s products and services.

    Has more than 1,000 medical and dental imaging and information technology patents. Sold in the United States and Canada every five computed radiography (CR) systems have almost two of Carestream Health’s brand. And CarestreamHealth is the only set of CR and DR (Digital Radiography) system design, manufacturing and sales companies. CR and DR systems can capture digital images in patients with X-radiation.

    Our medical IT solutions, the market share is to win, and more than 1,100 systems installed worldwide.

    We are the world’s largest dental digital radiography system manufacturers, and is a dental practice management system, a global leader.

    In the traditional film has dominated the field of market share in the first position in China.

    CR continued to maintain market share in China, the first position. 2007 market share of 38%.

    Military procurement in China for three consecutive years to win the big one DR, which is the first time a company award for three consecutive years.

    DR market share in mainland China from 2004 to the fourth, quickly rose to second place in 2006. 12% in 2007.

    Medical information management system has become one of the PACS market leading brand, brand awareness rose to second place.

    2008 8 Rayco (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. has been awarded a A-class business in Shanghai.

    2008 10 Rayco

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  • Medical Billing Software A Significant Part Of Health Care Automation

    In the present times, when computerization is controlling almost all sectors, the health care industry is being influenced equally. With health care automation, there has been a remarkable improvement in the levels of patient care and office functionalities. Among the various aspects involved in health care automation, one is the use of medical billing software.

    Medical billing software helps health care providers in maintaining the records of expenses and revenues involved in patient care. Let us discuss some of the benefits of using this system:

    Managing paperwork is a time consuming and laborious work. You are required to appoint a large number of staffs and bear the costs of paying for their insurance and social security in order to efficiently maintain the billing records of innumerable patients. You also have to pay for the space required to accommodate large number of employees. Though installing medical billing software can be an expensive affair, it is still more reasonable in comparison to the cost involved in appointing a large number of staffs. In addition, you can save a considerable amount of money by comparing the prices of various medical billing software available in the market and choosing the one thats most affordable. Sometimes there are attractive discounts on these programs that can help you avail them at a very budget-friendly price. All you have to do is to make a thorough research on all the programs available in the market and compare their prices and discounts before purchasing one.

    Owing to the details that needs to be taken care of in medical practice and the various complexities involved in the billing process, huge amounts of paperwork builds up in no time. The use of medical billing software helps in maintaining patient medical records and all the billing information in the digital data format, thereby considerably reducing the need for paperwork. Reduction in the use of paperwork helps in saving a great deal of space in your office.

    In the process of entering huge amounts of data in the computer, errors can anytime be committed by your staffs. Medical billing software can be pre-programmed to detect such errors and remove them, thereby making it possible to maintain flawless and perfect billing records. This in turn helps in saving a great deal of time and effort while making the process of patient care highly efficient and methodical. Moreover, flawless medical billing also helps in the maintenance of a healthy relationship between patients and health care providers.

    One of the significant advantages of using medical billing software is that it enables doctors and staffs to access patient billing records from any of the office locations. This can be immensely helpful in case of emergency or when doctors need to access these reports from outside their office.

    Medical billing software helps in making the entire patient billing system extremely methodical and organized. It requires a mere click to know the details of how much each patient owes to a health care provider or center.

  • What is Colon Detox drink

    Indications for the requirement of colon detoxification
    – The secret to good health starts from within the body. A healthy internal system is the basic of requirement for good health.- Requirement of a colon detoxification is indicated with the onset of problems in bowel movements or constipation.
    – Various ways are of colon detoxification are available today, with a slight change in diet and lifestyle.

    Colon Detox Drinks and Colon Detox Foods C
    -Complete detoxified body can be achieved at home by maintaining proper diet and proper life-style. It is required that you follow a strict schedule about your diet-plan to as to achieve complete detoxification.
    -Various products easily available in the homes, aid the process of colon detoxification. These products include, ginger, fennel seeds, fenugreek, lemon, carrots and basil.
    -These are basically the products rich in fiber that aid the process of removal of toxins from the body. These ingredients may be consumed in the raw form or may be used in making a variety of Colon detox drink.
    -Such drinks may be modified as per ones choice of taste; however there are some recipes of such drinks that help in complete detoxification of the body.
    It is important that the ingredients used in colon detox drinks be fresh and organic.
    -Sugar and too much of fats and dairy products should be avoided in the detoxification drinks.

    Detoxification program using Colon Detox Drinks C
    -After getting up in the morning, when your stomach is empty, take a glass full of warm water and a lime juice of a half lemon. This drink stimulates the organs of the body for functioning efficiently. This is one of the best ways to start the drink detox program.
    -There is an additional recipe to prepare colon detox drink using the bentonite clay, apple juice, spring water, psyllium husk seeds and colofiber. Take about a half glass of apple juice and some spring water. Add to it 1 Tbsp of bentonite clay liquid, psyllium husk seeds and colofiber. Mix this well, to form a thick mixture. Though this is not the tastiest drink available, but it has proven good results in maintaining the shape of the colon. This drink should be followed by another mixture of 1tbsp honey, 1tbsp apple cider vinegar and spring water.
    -A kind of herbal recipe for detox drink is made using few dandelion leaves, 4 carrots, coriander leaves or basil leaves, one kale leaf and fresh nut. Wash all the ingredients well and cut them and put them all together in a juicer or a blender. Make sure that you don not put sugar in the drink.
    -Combination of green apples, basil and carrot is a good option of fruit juice for detoxification. The only condition here is that green apples prove more effective than red apples.

    It can be well-understood that lot of liquid consumption can help to detoxify the body completely. However, like the gathering of waste products happens over time, the internal cleansing of the body, completely, gradually by maintaining proper diet.

  • How to Choose a Skin Care Product for a Healthier Complexion

    Also, remember, it is not good to use wash cloths for cleaning the face. This is because the simple act of washing them imparts detergent into the fibers of the wash cloth that does not rinse out. These residual harsh chemicals, even in the smallest amounts, can destroy your skin. This is especially true of the eye area. It shows signs of aging very early, therefore extra care needs to be taken when washing this area.

    Makeup application the easiest step!

    Applying makeup is similar to adding frosting on a cake. Care should be taken in order that these products don’t simply cover up various facial problems such as acne. This may aggravate the condition and make it more visible. Better to treat underlying problems early when they are easier to solve than to allow them to get worse.

    Pay attention to how much makeup you apply! Heavy makeup can sometimes look overdone. Always remember, starting out with a little bit of makeup makes it easy to touch things up and add a bit more later. Taking away an abundance of makeup is harder than simply tweaking it.

  • Health Care Vocations May Be Extremely Lucrative And A Sonogram Technician Is A Leading Case

    You might have heard of an expectant woman receiving a sonogram to discover whether the baby is male or female, however do you know exactly what this healthcare profession is actually called? Those who manage ultrasound hardware are classified as ultrasound techs as well as sonogram technicians. The technical term for this profession is known as a diagnostic medical sonographer. This technology can be used in partnership with figuring out patients disorders, thus the diagnostic term inside the profession name.

    The responsibility of an ultrasound technician is extremely important to a hospital and is particularly in demand, because sonogram technology has developed as an accurate strategy to spot health concerns. It can save time and effort in using this sort of procedure, because doing so means a health care provider doesn’t need to do surgery to be aware of the condition regarding the patient. Lots of clinical centers require these employees such as treatment centers, hospitals, labs as well as doctor’s offices. The job prospect with this particular work is in an upwards movement and is attracting many to this line of work.

    The next cause for lots of individuals are choosing this position is the paycheck it pays. The beginning ultrasound technician salary ranges from $55K to $65,000 a year. This is all through merely a Two year college degree in ultrasound technology. The wages across the country is on par with the previously mentioned figures, yet, will fluctuate dependent upon geographical location. Working experience will certainly also define precisely how much you make. After 3-4 years of being employed, a person may look forward to salary ranges from seventy five thousand to $80,000.

    You will find several training centers offering this sort of instruction and internet based certification is now very common for this distinct field. One thing for all those searching for education courses, is to guarantee that the establishment is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education. It’s a very important consideration and lots of organizations will only hire sonographers that have acquired training and certificates at an authorized college.

    Some prerequisites with this vocation are, to be proficient with calculations and science. You will get all of the skills required, by going through a training program, but if these aren’t optimal subject areas for you personally, you might not want to continue into this particular line of work, as you will be utilizing these kinds of skill sets often.

    After you’ve been through the primary schooling in order to become a sonographer, you will have the opportunity of continuing your schooling to become an expert in a certain sector within sonography. A few of these job areas include neurosonography, Obstetrics and gynecology, abdominal and cardiovascular sonography.

    Overall, for anyone who is looking at entering the domain of medicine, this is a job you’ll want to look into. It Is economically gratifying and gives a great deal of growth possibility. An individual can advance their career as time passes or merely be aware that it is a profession in which you won’t have to feel concerned around being unemployed. With tough economic circumstances, it is increasingly vital to consider an occupation which will be around for the long term and growing to be a sonographer is a perfect option.