The Cardio Body Building Fallacy

Most workout programs, in my opinion, are examples of cardio body building and are wrongly based on bodybuilder isolation movement exercises and marathoner extended aerobic training.

This is NOT the path to optimum fitness excellence!

The cardio body building combination is actually the biggest training mistake you can make.

Now before you get angry…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with training like a Bodybuilder or Marathoner… especially if you are a Bodybuilder or Marathoner.

I am just proposing that the training philosophies of Bodybuilders and Marathoners are not the path to an optimum level of fitness where all of the physical skills of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness are improved… Whether you adhere to the philosophy of each group alone or in combination.

I know this goes against most physical training protocols used in commercial gyms around the world that adhere to the cardio body building combination as the training methods of choice.

It is easy to see how these training protocols came to be combined…

In an attempt to improve fitness on a more general level for the non-professional fitness enthusiast, gyms and health clubs throughout the world have prescribed the typical cardio body building program of isolated movement strength training and extended aerobic training sessions.

The belief was that if isolated movement weight training is effective for Bodybuilders, and extended aerobic sessions are effective for Marathoners, that a combination of the two training methods would give the general fitness enthusiast the best of both worlds.

The fact is, Bodybuilding training methods are more concerned with muscle growth than muscular strength, power and endurance… and both of these training methods almost completely ignore the other physical abilities like coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and flexibility.

It is no wonder why millions of people participating in cardio body building inspired fitness programs fail to meet their over-all fitness goals… They are making a big training mistake.

On a personal Note…

I am guilty of training in the cardio body building fashion in my younger years in preparation for wrestling season.

I would lift weights using isolation exercises and run long distances to increase aerobic capacity.

I quickly learned in the first week of practice that the inflated muscles and aerobic capacity that I gained through cardio body building training did little or nothing to provide the fitness level needed for my chosen sport.

Oh well, there is nothing I can do about that now… but there is something that YOU can do to improve your physical training in preparation for sport, work, life.

Reflect on your current workout program…

If your current workout program looks like the cardio body building protocol described above… don’t despair.

Any exercise is better than none, so you have not completely wasted your time.

In fact… the isolated movement strength training has given you some degree of strength, and the aerobic exercise is an essential base of fitness.

However, to improve your physical training and optimize your performance you must be prepared to radically change the methods you use in pursuit of strength, conditioning and fitness excellence.

Be honest with yourself… are you getting the most out of your current cardio body building physical training program?

Are the exercises and methods you are using best suited to improve over-all fitness… or do they only focus on muscular size and cardiorespiratory endurance?

Ask yourself this question…

Is your current physical fitness training program based on the acceptable and deliberate compromise of competence and ability to perform in ALL the areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimum performance results under the greatest amount of circumstances?

If not, it is probably based on the cardio body building fallacy… and your physical training can be greatly improved.

If your goal of physical training is to inflate your muscles and perform monotonous, single intensity aerobic exercise for extended periods of time… do nothing.

If your goal of physical training is to become a better human being suited to successfully overcome the random challenges of sport, work and life… It is time to change your physical fitness training program to one not based on the cardio body building fallacy.

Healthy Foods That Your Kids Will Love

Is getting your kids to eat healthy foods is a battle in your home? If so, you’ll love these tips that will make your kids happy and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are feeding them foods that are good for them.

Start the Day Right

You can give your kids a delicious, healthy breakfast by getting rid of the ready to eat cereals and pastries and replacing them with bran pancakes and low-sugar syrup and/or fruit. Whole-wheat tortillas filled with fruit, scrambled eggs, or cheese and turkey bacon are delicious and your kids will have fun eating them, paying no attention to the fact that it is actually good for them.

Naturally Sweet

Most kids will ask for sweets such as candy and snack cakes. Instead of giving in to the pressure, give your kids applesauce and homemade oatmeal cookies prepared with a sugar substitute or honey rather than white sugar. Fruit snacks and dried fruit roll ups made from 100 percent fruit are great ideas for kids.

Replace fruit drinks and sodas with flavored tonic water and fresh fruit juice. Drink boxes containing pure fruit juice are relatively inexpensive and kids love the individual boxes, complete with straws. Make it Fun

The secret is in the presentation. Arrange an assortment of healthy foods in a fun way on your child’s plate. You can include smiley faces made from raisins or nuts and choose foods that are colorful. Kids will eat most things if they are presented in a unique design that makes eating fun.

Healthy Dinner

Dinnertime can include homemade pizza topped with cheese and vegetables, or soft tacos made with shredded chicken and cheese. Chicken strips prepared in the oven are always a hit and you could include an assortment of fresh vegetables and whole-grain breads. Fish sticks are relatively healthy if you prepare them in the oven rather than fried. Cheese and legumes are healthy choices.

It’s not difficult to get kids to eat healthy foods. It just takes a little extra thought and planning.

Acai Eating Plan To Get Detoxification

This diet is likely to be bad for you sooner or later. Having a continual diet plan regarding Massive Macs, french fries as well as chocolates rattles, one’s body will certainly degenerate ultimately. Weight gain is nearly expected along with the digestive tract becomes diseased. This is when people look for guide by means of turning to enemas, colonics, colon cleanse products colon detoxification in addition to unique diets. Wise persons just about everywhere usually are exercising protective plus some a higher level regenerative care for the colon.

Colon detoxing merchandise is employed to clean bad toxins that contain developed inside intestinal tract over a period of time period due to awkward eating habit. Some individuals believe that waste materials in addition to ingredients through experienced meal really go to town the intestines, creating indigestion and possibly even leading to intestinal tract melanoma. Colon detoxing method may be applied since way back when to lessen digestive soreness. Now, it really is developing terrain once again as people take in more junk food as part of their own usual diet plan along with intestines most cancers continues to enhance.

Unwanted side effects through Colon cleaning Remedy Along with Detox

Colon detoxification is an early exercise with regard to refreshing this stomach system. Guy continues to be doing colon cleansing given that One thousand five hundred BC. First of all, rrt had been found in your acai max cleanse with regards to 5,Thousand in years past. Cleansing the colon involves the recovery, repairing along with recovery of your respective significant intestine in order to its all-natural condition, dimensions in addition to operating potential. Colon detoxification refers to the removing harmful toxins from your big gut to allow the proper performing colon cleansing products in the digestive tract. If the colorectal will be clean up, your skin layer gets to be energetic, you feel productive and you’re liberated associated with anxiety.

In fact, a new dirtied colorectal could possibly result in additional medical conditions which include: The disgestive system Ailment Bowel irregularity Looseness of the bowels Problem Skin Low energy Apart from h2o sprinkler system, quite a few variants regarding digestive system health treatment options have blossomed together with colon cleansing staying the main purpose. In fact, it’s simple to get acai max cleanse supplements displaying organic and natural chemical substances to assist the colon cleanse as well as mend on its own. Despite the fact that colon hydrotherapy has existed for some time, the final query stays – will be cleansing the colon safe and sound? Similar to things it depends about the item and also the wellbeing of your companion.

Proposed benefits of this sort of cleansing the colon remedy contain much better psychological outlook, development with the disease fighting capability, along with removal of dangerous elements. Many experts have advised in which intestinal bacteria or perhaps waste materials make a difference to the complete anatomy’s body’s defence mechanism, and for that reason could be involved with conditions not in the stomach tract. By simply gradually laundering these away, it is acai berry detox of which sizable, beneficial effects might happens to overall wellness. Could which cleansing the colon has been used for several millenia using achievement.

Yet another formula permanently colorectal health and fitness is actually 5 various ounces associated with peas, 3 ounce herbal colon cleanse connected with green spinach along with One particular mug connected with drinking water pureed from the blender. An extra apple really does add significantly for the flavoring. You need to aim for all-around 12 vegatables and fruits per day. Select those with this brightest shades.

Detoxification Cleansing


As you improve your diet and lifestyle, you will go through a detoxification process that can include withdrawal headaches as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes are eliminated. This is a sure sign that you need to be off these substances. Pay special attention to removing aspartame (NutraSweet) from your diet. It is a very addictive substance made from two amino acids and wood alcohol. Wood alcohol is noted for its negative effect on vision and can cause blindness. The manufacturer would have us believe that people don’t drink enough wood alcohols to cause problems. Aspartame is now in over 9,000 products, however, and some people drink liters of diet soda every day. The two amino acids break down into carcinogens and toxins above 86F. Last time I checked, my body temperature was 98.6F. Aspartame is responsible for ninety-two different symptoms as reported by the FDA, but big business keeps it on the shelves. Only you can keep it out of your body.

Don’t be surprised if you experience an aggravation of symptoms if you go back to old dietary habits. In other words, once the body is feeling better, if toxic substances are ingested, you may have a severe reaction to them. This immediate feedback should warn you to avoid them. Such feedback is good; this is the way the body encourages us to avoid these substances. Listen to your body.

A healthy diet of fresh whole grains, nuts and seeds, vegetables, fruit, fish, and chicken will help your body eliminate toxins from your previous diet. After a regimen of optimum diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep has been implemented and maintained for a minimum of one month, you can begin short fasts on vegetable broths and vegetable juices as well as using psyllium seed powder or capsules to increase your bowel movements while on the fast. Take the psyllium capsules twice a day with two glasses of water or 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder in a jar of water with a bit of fruit juice for taste. This should be shaken vigorously and taken with another glass of water to create the optimum bulking action of the psyllium. Juice fasting can be done for a three-day period every two to three months. This gives the body a good rest from digestion, and toxins held in fatty tissue have a chance to be eliminated.

Sauna therapy is becoming a very popular and vital form of detoxification. Environmental medicine practitioners recommend this therapy to sweat toxins out through the skin; to mobilize the release of poisons from storage in fat cells; and for general relaxation. A moderate temperature is recommended (150 to 160F). You can take several fifteen- to twenty-minute sessions interspersed with cool showers for a total of two to four hours to treat severe environmental illness. For general cleansing, just work up to one hour of sauna time once or twice a week. Rubbing the skin with sea salt helps bring out the sweat. Drink lots of vegetable broth to replace lost potassium and salt and take your water with a pinch of sea salt.

Aloe vera gel can be taken on a regular basis for cleansing. This substance is good for healing the intestines and detoxification; take 1 tablespoon in juice every morning.

If there are indications of lead toxicity or heavy metal poisoning, via blood or hair analysis, use foods that will chelate or grab the heavy metals. These include pectin (apples), alginate (seaweed), cilantro, and the amino acids methionine, cysteine, and cystine found in beans, eggs, onions, and garlic.

Other daily cleansers include the juice of one lemon in water every morning; 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon organic honey in water every morning; 1 glass of beet kvass. (See the sections on Sprouting and Beet Kvass) Essiac tea; the Hoxsey Formula; and Lapacho tea are more specific for cancer prevention. (See Cancer for more information on the last three herb teas.) These special drinks can be rotated to obtain optimum benefits.

More sophisticated detoxification includes oral phosphatidyl choline and inhaled glutathione. These substances are used intravenously for optimum results but a patented form of phosphatidyl choline called PhosChol is well absorbed and highly active. Glutathione buffered with baking soda can be used in a nebulizer and achieves most of the effects of IV administration. These procedures should be done under supervision.

In special cases, enemas may be recommended for more thorough intestinal cleansing. The Gerson Therapy and Dr. Nicholas Gonzales in New York use a complete regimen of enzymes, juicing, and coffee enemas in their cancer protocols. Coffee enemas stimulate the release of bile from the liver. The venous system in the bowel is in direct communication with the liver and gallbladder and instead of the caffeine entering the body or the arterial system, it specifically detoxifies the liver. It’s best to be under the care of a practitioner when using coffee enemas. If improperly done they can disturb your regular pattern of elimination, irritate the ileocecal valve, and disrupt your intestinal flora.

Warning: Detoxification is contraindicated in pregnancy and breast-feeding. Toxins released from storage during a detox can flood the blood stream passing into the placenta or breast milk.

Castor Oil Packs

Directions: Take an old hand towel or facecloth and rub in 4 to 5 tablespoons of castor oil. Cover the affected area but protect your bedclothes with plastic, especially if you are going to wear the pack overnight. You may use a heating pad on low to help the action, but it works just fine at room temperature too because the normal temperature of the body heats it up. Leave on at least one hour or overnight. Castor oil will stimulate the lymphatic circulation to begin to clear debris and start the healing process.

Water Purification

According to Dr. Jay Gould, the only way to remove strontium 90 from our tap water is through distillation or reverse osmosis. To remove parasites, you need a filter with a pore size of 1/2 micron; to remove chlorine you need a carbon block filter. When you purchase your water filter, make sure it meets all the above specifications. Personally, I am not in favor of drinking distilled water, which is devoid of crucial trace minerals.

Too Toxic to Detox

In my telephone consulting practice I frequently encounter clients who are so toxic that they appear to be allergic or sensitive to anything taken by mouth. For such cases I must rely on the skin as the body’s main organ of absorption and detoxification by applying magnesium oil, iodine, sea salt rubs, chlorophyll or wheat grass juice, and aromatherapy to the skin and using Epsom salts baths and saunas. If they are able to take nutrients by mouth, the safest to begin with is angstrom-size magnesium that is absorbed directly into cells.

Copyright (c) 2009 Russell Chiasson

Coffee And Apple Diets

Have you heard of the Coffee and Apple diet? It’s almost as preferred as the Coffee and Marshmallow diet but every so a little more fit. The Coffee boosts your energy levels allowing you to get thru your daily task list at lightning speeds and the apples keep your gut lined and your body filled with natural energies.

Fundamentally the Coffee and Apple diet works on the premise that you drink 7 cups of coffee and eat 7 apples a day. In addition to the Coffee and Apples, you are encouraged to drink 2litres of water and eat a tiny lunch and a small dinner usually composed from rice and protein such as fish or chicken.

The Coffee and Apple Diet is becoming more popular, especially in the workplace and among young mothers who are forever active and may otherwise forget to eat, or just reach out for the closest bag of crisps or chocolate bar. The Coffee and Apple Diet permits you to eat regularly and maintain your sugar levels while still feeling satisfied.

After a month on the Coffee and Apple diet you are expected to shed at least fifteen lbs. Depending on your starting weight some of us have lost barely more and some slightly less. Men can afford to eat a bit more than women but should not use that as an excuse to indulge and as with any diet, your body frame and height comes into factor as well .

Lauren James is a homemaker with two toddlers who lives a hectic life. She seriously wanted to lose 10lbs for her sister’s wedding but couldn’t galvanize herself to attend weight-watchers classes and when a friend told her about the Coffee and Apple diet she made a decision to give it a go. “It was rather hard for the first couple of days as my body altered from the regular junk inputs of macdonalds burgers, crisps and biscuits but the regular cups of coffee, which I sweetened with splenda, certainly kept me going and my sugar longings at bay. By the end of the first week I’d shed 4lb and was feeling full of energy and chuffed in myself. After a month I’d lost 11 lb and was the ideal weight for my sister’s wedding. I’d highly counsel the Coffee and apple diet as a fast fix weight loss plan, particularly for a big day such as a wedding or vacation.”

One of the largest advantages to the Coffee and Apple diet is the incontrovertible fact that it can be tailored to fit your tastes, it is highly customizable and even if you dislike coffee you can flavor it with mint, chocolate or strawberries to fit your taste. A particularly preferred product on the Coffee and Apple diet is the slimming aid Naturegift Diet Coffee, which is a brand of instant coffee which helps to burn off fat.