Study: My Understanding of Cybersecurity

Tips to Staying Secure at Work.

Even though it is not your main job to protect your cyber space, it is still very important that you play your role in protecting the system. You will be held responsible if you were found at fault when a breach in security is found.

Here are some tips that you can do to stay secure at work.

It is important that your passwords are secure all the time. Don’t write down your password on any pieces of paper like sticky notes and then stick it on your computer. Your data can easily be stolen if you leave your password hanging in public. Your password would be more secure with a password manager.

Its today’s work environment, it is possible for workers to do work away from their main office. Today, many stay connected to the internet through Wi-Fi at all times. It is not really safe to do work using a public Wi-Fi especially if you are dealing with your company’s sensitive data. But, if you need to use a public Wi-Fi and make important financial transactions, you can keep yourself safe by using your company VPN to do so.

Dropping small things is something that happens all the time. Would you take a USB you find lying on the ground that somebody has dropped. The temptation is to get the USB, put in in your computer and check out its contents. The reality is that we get the USB drive and find out what it contains. And this is a big mistake. You don’t know if there’s good or bad things in it. It can contain a virus or a malware that can damage your computer or steal all your sensitive data. Don’t just avoid using them; better still is to avoid picking them up.

A phishing trap is what criminals do to access corporate networks. NO company is really immune to these traps even large companies. It can happen to your or to anyone. You might think you are safe, but your data can be stolen through phishing. Information can easily be stolen by criminals because they are always son the lookout for opportunities to do so. They can steal your data and sell it on the dark web.

Is there any way to avoid phishing fraud? By being vigilant and making sure to investigate before clicking and links that look similar to websites your frequently visit.

Have a back up to your data. Today there is a malware that cyber criminals use to extract money from businesses. Cyber criminals will hold your sensitive information that they have stolen at ransom and on your part you will not be able to access your data unless you pay them the ransom. Criminals target large companies because they pay large amount to save their data.

If you have data backup then you don’t have to deal with these data thieves.

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