Services and Products Offered by Pathway Genomics

Pathway Genomics is a private biotechnology company that was founded by Jim Plante and Michael Nova with the intention of helping both physicians and patients better meet their health and wellness goals. Founded in San Diego, the company also operates a clinical laboratory that has been accredited by the CAP and the CLIA to provide accurate precision healthcare information to patients living in over 40 different countries. Read on to find out about a few of the products and services offered by Pathway Genomics below.

General Health and Wellness

One of the primary services provided by Pathway Genomics is genetic testing. Genetic testing is designed to analyze genomic markers that can give healthcare providers a better idea of their patients’ unique risk levels for many potentially serious health conditions. This knowledge, in turn, helps patients make better decisions regarding eating behaviors, exercise activity, and other lifestyle factors that may impact their risk levels.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

In addition to providing genetic testing, Pathway Genomics also helps physicians better understand how their patients will respond to common medications. These include pain medications, cardiac-related medications, and mental health medications. The ability to understand and predict patient response to a particular drug can help doctors choose the pharmaceutical treatments that will best suit their patients’ needs.

Liquid Biopsies

Given the prevalence of potentially fatal cancers such as breast, ovarian, lung, and colorectal cancer in today’s society, the importance of early diagnosis and accurate staging cannot be understated. Pathway Genomics’ CancerIntercept tests are designed to detect somatic mutations in nine driver genes. These tests can help doctors offer more accurate, and more timely diagnoses.

Hereditary Cancer Tests

Patients who have a family history of certain types of cancer may be at higher risk. These patients can now be offered hereditary cancer tests that include reflexive testing options, full gene panels, or targeted panels depending on their needs.

Carrier Screenings

Some genetic diseases and disorders are passed on via recessive genes. Parents and future parents who have family histories of these disorders are placed in a tough position when it comes to deciding whether or not to have children. Carrier screenings can provide them with insight into their risks of passing on these diseases to their future children.

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