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The Different Types of Meditation Practice.

Meditation has a lot of merits including dealing with anxiety, making you self-aware and even helping you manage stress. There will always be things to be done but you need to find time for yourself and meditation gives you that. However, you need to find the right meditation practices. It is not just about how busy your mind is but also for your schedule.

Note that meditation should not be stressful at all. Therefore, you should learn various types of meditation to help you figure which one works for you best. If you thought that you had to be at a specific place so as to meditate then you are wrong. When you get some few seconds or minutes, calming your mind is all you have to do. However, this is easy to say that to practice.

One of the techniques you should start with is mindfulness meditation. If you are living in the western worlds then you might have come across many people practicing this. There is a simultaneous focus on the mind and also the body. To practice this you need to find a comfortable sitting position. Closing your eyes is essential too. You should then go ahead to focus on your breathing.

You need to inhale and exhale through your nose in slow motion. However, it will be difficult to let go of thoughts as they pop up in your minds. Do not try to ignore or push them away. Instead, allow the thoughts to slip away with nor care or judgment. The feelings you are having at the moment may be what the thoughts are about or they may be mere physical sensations. Rather than engage the thoughts, give them time to slip away. You need to keep practicing this in order to become good at it. This is not to be practiced only when you are meditating but also when you are doing other things. Your focus should be on the current moment and your breathing too.

Loving-kindness is also a form of meditation. It comes from Theravada Buddhism. Another term for this meditation is Metta meditation. The process begins with a comfortable sitting position and the eyes have to be closed. The difference is that you will not have the thoughts slip away when they come but you will address them with loving-kindness. Once you get used to it, you will be using it in various scenarios.

Try out nada yoga meditation as well. For those who struggle to meditate when everything is calm then nada yoga is perfect. You will be in a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes and focus on external sounds.

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